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Single Fluid heating cooling machines for Micro Flow reactors

Rapid heat and mass transfer are a major prerequisite for the efficient flow reactions. Flow chemistry involves an established technique for performing reactions under conditions where temperature besides other process parameters are precisely controlled and safely done. The variables to be controlled involve temperature besides stoichiometry, concentration, residence time and pressure. The rate of reactions can easily be increased by 1000X to 8000X. For making the new chemistry possible it is required that heating and cooling is rapidly and efficiently done as per the requirement.

The heating cooling machines are coupled (flanged) with micro reactor jacket so that the heat transfer fluid continuously provides or removes heat.

Wuxi Guanya Refrigeration Technology Company Ltd. China makes "Lynea" heating cooling machines are found to be highly suitable for giving heating and cooling as per the requirement of flow micro reactions. The machines can offer a temperature range of (-) 100 deg C to 250 deg C, with an accuracy of +/- 1 deg C. The specification of a typical machine which is found suitable for the flow reactions is given below :-

SUNDI-275W-2T N (One machine for two reactors)

Sr. No. Item Description
1 Temp. Range: -25 °C to 200 °
  • • Temperature control accuracy : +/- 1 deg. C
  • • Heating Power: 7.5 kW
  • • Cooling Power:
    • • @ 200 OC = 7 KW
    • • @ 100 OC = 7 kW
    • • @ 20 OC = 6 kW
    • • @ 0 OC = 5 kW
    • • @ -20 OC = 3 kW
  • • Circulation Pump: Max. Flow 50 l/min, 2.5 bar
  • • Cooling water at 20 deg. C: 1700 L/Hr (@1.5 bar to 4 bar) (water cooled)
  • • Power: AC 380V 50Hz, 21kW (max.)
  • • Compressor : Copeland
  • • Expansion Valve: Danfoss
  • • Evaporator:KAORI Plate Heat Exchanger.
  • • Operation Panel: 7-Inch colourtouch screen controller, temperature curve record, data export to excel format.
  • • Communication Protocol: MODBUS RTU Protocol, RS485 Interface.
  • • Refrigerant: R-404A
2 Insulated Hose
3 Adaptor Flanges
4 Heat transfer Fluid

Some of the other features of the machines are:-

  • 1. Displays all kinds of process control temperatures.
  • 2. Shows the liquid level of the heat conducting medium in the expansion vessel.
  • 3. Shows the indication for refrigeration system working.
  • 4. Shows indication for heater working.
  • 5. Shows indication for circulation pump working.
  • 6. Displays the temperature control (material temperature control pattern, heat conducting medium temperature control).
  • 7. The temperature upper limit, lower limit control can be set.
  • 8. The temperature difference between jacket and reactor material can be set.
  • 9. Shows the alarm to add the liquid when it is empty.
  • 10. The refrigeration compressor can be set to operate manually and automatically.
  • 11. Simple menu to use.

For the micro reaction application some of our clients include Sunpharma, Corning etc.