Lab Equipment On Hire

R & D Glass Process Equipment- Why buy when you can Hire !!!


The API & Fine Chemicals Global market which was valued at USD 135 billion in the year 2015 is expected to reach a value of USD240 billion by 2025 growing at a CAGR of 6%.

Some of the ways of improving organic synthesis include ensuring successful process scalability, and high speed process optimization.

Many a times the necessary lab equipment for carrying out the API lab and pilot trials are not available in house in company's R&D facility and buying them for merely one or two instance is costly and not feasible. Sometimes the available equipment may be occupied with other research activity. The entire process of identifying the right equipment, selecting good vendors, getting capex approved, supplier negotiation and ordering can be very overwhelming besides waiting for the glass assembly after ordering. After the receipt of the Glass process equipment, assembly time is also required to establish the set up and commissioning.

Hence it makes sense to hire them for meeting the short term research and experimentation objective. The hiring of Glass process equipment will allow the R&D team to have hands on experience on the Glass process equipment before deciding to buy them subsequently. The hiring comes at a fraction of a cost of new equipment. You can hire latest equipment without bothering for service and upkeep.


ATR ASAHI is setting up a fully equipped laboratoryATR ASAHI-LABSin Vadodara, Gujarat India with the contemporary Glass lab equipment to facilitate research and development, with associated utilities and the support staff.

ATR ASAHI-LABSwill be offering this unique opportunity for the companies involved in API, non-API, Chemical, Fine chemicals and other organic synthesis R & D to hire the selected lab Glass assemblies on per day hire in the ATR lab.

The companies interested in the Glass assemblies hire will be offered minimum 4 days slot to carry out the experimentation on the selected assembly. On confirmation access will be provided to the selected assembly in our lab, on all working days from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m, with a 1 hour lunch from 1.00 to 2.00 pm.

Why consider ATR ASAHI-LABS

  • 1. 15 years of ATR's standing in dealing of Glass assemblies.
  • 2. Latest equipment available in the lab (refer list) with complete specification.
  • 3. Complete secrecy of the research ensured, NDA can be signed.
  • 4. Full back up of the ATR ASAHI-LAB's supporting staff (lab assistant, lab incharge) and Chemical Engineering expert (Phd).
  • 5. Conveniently located at Vadodara Gujarat.
  • 6. After the lab trials, ATR can supply the glass assembly if the same is found suitable by the client's researching staff.
  • 7. The Glass assemblies will be fully compliant with the requirement of scalability and ease of operation.
  • 8. The hire rates are priced very reasonably.

ATR-LABS, Glass assemblies for hire

Please go through the following list of assemblies currently on hire :-

  • 1. Liquid Liquid extractor in Glass with 4 column segments with associated pumps and heating cooling machine, feed vessels and receiver vessels.
  • 2. Pulsed column extractor.
  • 3. Mixer settler liquid liquid extractor.
  • 4. Thin film evaporator with Hastelloy stirrer or PTFE coated stirrer .
  • 5. Reaction distillation system, 10L Stainless Steel Jacketed.
  • 6. Rotary evaporator, 20L
  • 7. Nutsche Filter, 10 L
  • 8. Rotary evaporator, lab scale
  • 9. Pressure Reactor Stainless Steel

The lab will have the necessary heating cooling machine and vacuum pumps required to run the above mentioned glass process equipment.

Other information:-

  • 1. Individual assembly as per the above list will be hired with the related utilities which forms a complete lab set up.
  • 2. The hire is required for a period of minimum 4 days and additional days as required.
  • 3. The location of laboratory is Vadodara, Gujarat India.
  • 4. The full specifications of the Glass assemblies will be provided on request.